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What is a Digital Interview, and How Does it Help Your Hiring Process?

A digital interview is an online interview where job seekers either chat live through a camera of a user device with a potential employer or record answering predefined questions.

It can provide standardization in the whole process since all candidates are asked a set of identical questions.

This solution may not be for everyone, but it is ideal for those who keep up with the times or even get ahead of time. That's because digital interviews allow you to quickly screen candidates without wasting much time, providing them with a positive candidate experience.

Learn about other benefits of this hiring method by reading on.

What is a Digital Interview?

A live digital interview occurs through digital communication channels, such as video conferencing software or online messaging platforms. Digital interviews are becoming increasingly popular as more companies use remote work and flexible work policies.

Quality digital interviews can take many forms, allowing employers to connect with other candidates faster from anywhere in the world without needing in-person meetings.

They also offer more flexibility for job seekers when a live interview has to be far away from the employer’s location. In addition, such recorded interviews provide a convenient and efficient way for both parties to connect and answer all the questions.

What is a Digital Interview illustration

What are the different types of digital interviews?

  1. Live video interviews. These are real-time video interviews. Moreover, each of them looks like a traditional in-person interview.
  2. One-way video interviews. The candidate records their answers to pre-set digital interview questions using video software.
  3. Asynchronous interviews. Every answer is obtained through an online platform or messaging system, where the interviewer sends a list of questions, and the right person responds within a set time frame.
  4. Panel multiple interviews. That is a live video interview with multiple interviewers.
  5. Virtual reality interviews. Most companies are starting to use such technology to simulate a face-to-face candidate experience.
    Virtual reality interviews
  6. Automated digital interviewing. These interviews are conducted using specialized software that asks pre-set interview questions and records the answering questions to identify the most qualified candidates faster.

Each type of digital interview has advantages and disadvantages that matter for everyone individually.

What are the Benefits of Digital Interviews for Businesses?

  1. Digital interviews eliminate the need to travel to a physical location.
  2. Employers can quickly come in touch with candidates outside of regular business hours.
  3. A digital interview allows employers to interview more candidates as quickly as possible.
  4. Solutions can help eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process by focusing solely on a candidate’s skills. It’s helpful to ensure that HR is talking not with the blank wall but with a high-level specialist with a work history who follows the rules of the playing field.
  5. Digital interviewing can be less stressful and more convenient for candidates.
    Digital Interviews for Businesses

Video interviewing provides a more efficient and flexible way for businesses. Its use also provides several following benefits:

Quality Hiring

Digital interviews offer several opportunities for hiring managers to improve the quality of their hiring decisions. Here are some ways a hiring team can do its job more effectively.

  1. HRs can review resumes and conduct initial interviews more efficiently, using pre-recorded or live video interviews.
  2. Digital interviews allow HRs to assess candidates more thoroughly. Moreover, someone’s body language can tell much about a person (nonverbal cues, eye contact, facial expressions, and other moments).
  3. Digital interview platforms often provide data analytics features.

Video interviewing offers HRs a more efficient and objective candidate screening and assessment approach.

Efficiency in Recruiting

Digital interviews can help hiring managers fill a position while screening resumes. Digital interviews can be less stressful and more convenient for candidates and hiring managers, as the last ones can easily share interview feedback and collaborate on candidate selection.

Innovation in the Hiring Process

Digital interviews have significantly improved the traditional interviewing process by reducing the time to hire candidates, increasing objectivity, and enhancing collaboration between hiring managers.

It allows HRs to hire the best talent, regardless of their location. Additionally, a digital interview makes hiring more efficient in all senses.

Innovation in the Hiring Process


The digital interview can increase diversity by allowing HRs to reach a more diverse pool of candidates. There’s also an opportunity to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process.

Digital interviewing can help create a more objective and fair evaluation process compared to in-person interviews. Additionally, some digital interview platforms use AI-powered algorithms to analyze candidate responses.

Furthermore, candidates with mobility issues or social anxiety may find it hard to visit an in-person interview. Thus, digital interviewing has the potential to bring more diversity to the hiring teams.

Technical Considerations When Implementing Digital Video Interview in Your Hiring Process

When implementing digital video interviews in your hiring process, it’s crucial to use interview tools. In addition, every career advice is essential.

  1. Select a decent digital interview platform. Playhunt offers a comfortable-to-use solution with a virtual background; try it out now to get 15 free monthly interviews.
  2. Make sure that the Internet connection works smoothly for video call making.
  3. Provide candidates with instructions on accessing and completing the digital interview (you can even use marketing emails).
  4. Test the digital interview platform in advance to ensure it works correctly and that no glitches or technical difficulties could affect the process.
  5. Communicate the date and time of the non-live interview and any other interview details.
  6. Don’t forget to mention that there has to be good natural lighting.

Providing clear instructions in the same order and technical support ensures that candidates have a positive experience with the digital interview and can complete the video call successfully.

In addition, the person has to prepare a resume and cover letter on demand.

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