Terms of Service

1. Terms

1.1. Service - an online service for passing one-way video interviews playhunt.io.
1.2. Customer - an individual or legal entity that registered in the Service.
1.3. Access - login and password to access the Service.
1.4. User - a user whom the Customer creates when registering for the Service.
1.5. Account - a set of Service settings and data that the User stores.
1.6 Interview - video record received by the Customer, through the Service, from people to whom the Customer sent a link to answer questions previously prepared by the Customer or the Service.

2. Features of the Service

2.1. The administrator of the Service may modify, add the features of the Service without coordination with the Customer.
2.2. The Service Administrator takes into account the wishes of the Customer to improve the Service, but does not guarantee their implementation.
2.3. The Service provided "As is". The Service Administrator is not responsible for the mismatch of the Services features with Customer expectations.
2.4. The Customer conducts verification of the conformity of the Service features to his needs during the free trial period (free subscription plan).
2.5. The service runs on servers managed by the Service Administrator.

3. Access to the Service

3.1. Access to the Service carried out through modern versions of Internet browsers:

Android operating system:
- Chrome version 78.0 and higher;

iOS / iPadOS operating system:
- Safari version 11.0 and higher;

MacOSX operating system:
- Chrome version 56.0 and higher;
- Safari version 11.0 and higher;
- Firefox version 44.0 and higher;

Windows 10 operating system:
- Chrome version 56.0 and higher;
- Firefox version 44.0 and higher;

In other browsers for the above Operating Systems or in other operating systems, some features of the Service may be limited.

 3.2. The Customer creates User Access.
3.3. The Customer is responsible for the safe storage of user access. The Customer is responsible for the loss or leak of data related to the access of the User to third parties, including as a result of the theft of access to the user's computers by computer viruses or spyware.
3.4. Under one login, you cannot use the Service simultaneously from 2 different devices.
3.5. The Service Administrator and Service programmers can access the Customer’s account in order to:
- Implementation of technical support;
- Responding to Customer requests;
- Correction of errors in the Customer's account.

4. Responsibilities of the Service Administrator

4.1. The Service Administrator provides access to the Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365-366 days a year 99% of the time, while access to the Service may be limited if:
- Server crashes.
- Work to modify the Service.
- The onset of force majeure.
 - Other events independent of the Service Administrator.
4.2. The Service Administrator will make efforts to modify the Service at night, on weekends or during non-working hours.
4.3. The Service Administrator is obliged not to transfer the Customer data that is stored in the Service to third parties.

5. Cost, settlement procedure

5.1. The cost of using the Service is indicated in the “Pricing” section.
5.2. The billing period is one month or one year.
5.3. The cost of using the Service depends on the number of Interviews that the Customer needs during the billing period.
5.4. Form of payment - prepayment.
5.5. The Customer can increase the number of Interviews in the middle of the billing period by choosing a different subscription plan and paying its full price. The billing period for the new plan begins on the payment date.
 5.6. The price for using the Service may be changed by the Service Administrator. The Service Administrator is obliged to notify the Customer of a price change at least 30 days before the start of the billing period from which the price changes. Price changes do not apply to billing periods already paid.
5.7. Upon completion of the billing period, if the Customer has not canceled his subscription, payment for the next will be charged automatically.

6. Refund policy

6.1. Cash received on a prepayment is not returned to the Customer. The exception is the simple operation of the Service for more than 2 days. In this case, the Service returns to the Customer an advance payment, divided by the number of days in the paid period, and multiplied by the number of days of downtime in the Service.
6.2. In case of cancellation of the subscription by the Customer during the billing period, the Customer may use all previously paid features of the service until the end of the last paid billing period.

7. Payment Methods

7.1. Payment for the Service by the Customer is carried out by means of a third-party payment Service WayForPay (https://wayforpay.com/), after payment of the first billing period, payment for subsequent ones is charged automatically.

8. Discontinuation of Services

8.1. If it is impossible to automatically withdraw funds for the next billing period and / or the Customer refuses to pay for the next billing period, the Service ceases to provide services to the Customer provided for by paid subscription options.
8.2. The Service Administrator is obligated to store the Customer’s data that goes beyond the free subscription option for 30 calendar days after the end of the last billing period for which the Customer paid. After the end of this period, Customer data may be deleted from the Service servers. The Service Administrator is not responsible for the possible consequences of data deletion.
8.3. The administrator of the Service is liable only if there is fault in his actions and only to the extent of the cost of using the Service for the last billing period.
8.4. The Service Administrator is not liable to the Customer for failure to fulfill obligations in the event of force majeure (war, epidemic, fire, earthquake and other circumstances that the parties could not foresee and prevent) or as a result of default by the Customer.

9. Additional terms

 9.1. All changes to the current “Terms of Service” are published by the Service Administrator on the site playhunt.io.

10. Service contact details

Рrivate entrepreneur
Voloshyn Artem Volodymyrovych,
TIN: 3264717838
Contact phone: +38 (063) 075-8936
Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, 02090 Kharkivske shose st, b. 9
email: art@playhunt.io