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A video in which a candidate answers your questions is much more effective in revealing skills than dry CVs
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Video surveys allow you

Evaluate, the candidate's experience in the skills needed for your vacancy, even if they are not directly mentioned in the CV

Understand how the skills described in the CV correspond to reality

Quickly to filter out from a large number of CVs, those who are better suited to the portrait of your ideal candidate

Also, you can share video surveys with colleagues and view them at a convenient time

How It Works

The service is easy and user-friendly

1 Fill out your list of questions.

Specify as many questions as you would like your candidates to answer, in a video recording format. Either attach the link to the video survey to the job description or send it separately to candidates

2 Candidates record their responses.

Candidates receive their links and record their responses at their convenience, using a laptop or smartphone camera.

3 Review, rate, and discuss.

Listen to the candidates’ responses, take notes, and share with your colleagues and employees at your convenience.

Boost Your Hiring Process

Optimize the number of effective live interviews.

Time Saving
Identify the best qualified candidates in a prompt and efficient manner.
Financial Benefits
The company’s HR and technical support teams spend less time on in-depth live interviews.
Convenience (for you and your applicants)
Candidates respond and company managers review their responses at their convenience.
Business Features
In addition to job applicants’ “dry” resumes, HR recruitment agencies also provide their clients with “lively” presentations from the applicants.

Benefits in Numbers

The number of recruitment interviews is reduced by 4 times. The candidate recruitment is 3 times faster


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  • 500 interviews per month
  • 365 days of storage
  • job openings
  • + interview sharing
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Quick Start

Start using Playhunt in less than a minute! After you log in, on the first screen, add your questions and send the links to your candidates. And while you’re at it, check the latest replies from the other candidates.

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Feedback from candidates

Our platform convenient both for candidates and companies

I felt very comfortable using this platform and it's was a great way to start the interview process.
I love it. It is simple and convenient to use. The only confusing thing is that I cannot see the time of my answers.
I think this is a great tool to screen potential employees.
That was a good experience. Obviously, it is a decent way to interview your future employees.
This was fantastic as I have never gone through these kind of interviews before, Awsome!

Companies that have already appreciate the benefits of hiring with Playhunt

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got any unsolved questions after getting acquainted with our site? We are well aware of how difficult it is sometimes to deal with all the details of a new service. That is why the most frequent questions, which our users sent us, have been selected and answered in this section.


Is Playhunt a substitute for interviews?

Absolutely not. It is a beneficial addition or even replacement for CV. Our primary mission is to significantly simplify the process of selecting candidates.

Picture this: there are dozens or even hundreds of people willing to join your company. How much time do you need to spend before you could find someone who fits your portrait of the ideal candidate? With the help of Playhunt, you can do this several times more quickly and easily.


Does a candidate need to register on the site?

No. The site generates a link right after you compile a list of necessary questions. You can copy it and send it to candidates either by mail or directly in the chat. They just need to follow that link.


Will candidates be willing to go through such a nontraditional video interview?

From a candidate's perspective, Playhunt is much more convenient and less stressful than a regular interview. They can make a video recording from anywhere on Earth and at any time. To do this, they only need a device with a camera and a microphone. Sitting at home, in a cafe or office, with a cup of tea or coffee, they can always start recording the answers as soon as they are ready.


What is the difference between Playhunt video survey interviews and traditional calls in Skype, Zoom, etc?

These are entirely different things. Video call is an online version of a standard interview, while our video survey is an additional part of candidates screening. That is to say, the goal of Playhunt is to optimize HR processes and help candidates reveal their best qualities.

Video surveys save you a lot of time. During the period you make one call, you can send out your list of questions to dozens of candidates and, possibly, already get their answers.

They are much more convenient than the traditional ones. Some particular time, place, or condition will not weigh down any of you. Do you need to urgently pick up a child from school or take a pet to the vet? Our service will not interfere with any of your plans but will allow you to choose the most suitable time.


How can I prepare video interview questions more effectively?

Unambiguous and straightforward questions that do not require clarification are the most effective. They will let you know if the candidate has the necessary skills or work experience. More in-depth questions are worth leaving for a live interview. Then you can discuss all the points that interest you in detail.


What equipment does a candidate need for a video-survey?

A candidate doesn't need anything special for a video recording interview. A phone, tablet, or laptop that has a webcam and a microphone is entirely enough. The only thing worth paying attention to is the technical serviceability of the gadget. The stage of checking the sound and picture quality before starting recording will help the candidate in this.


What is the process of video recording interview?

Following the link, candidates get the preliminary information about the video survey: the company name they received this invitation from and the interview topic. Next, they will find some basic rules of how Playhunt works, so all the details about recording a video will be clear for them. After entering their primary data (name, mail, and phone number), they can check their equipment’s serviceability using a test recording. The last thing candidates need to do before recording their responses is to approve that they are ready to start.


What to start using Playhunt?

All you need to do is to sign up following this link. This will only take a few of your minutes as you just have to fill in three fields, and that is it. No credit cards or other commitments. After that, you have access to your account, where it takes you a couple of clicks to create your first interview and check all your candidate questionnaire answers.

Any questions left? You can always send a message to our support department info@playhunt.io, and we will happily answer all of them.