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7 Powerful Questions to Ask an Interviewer

There is no doubt - an interview can make or break an opportunity. Don't get upset if you weren't able to convince the HR manager with your answers, because your questions always make it through. By not asking questions, you may look like a person who would agree to any job that comes your way.

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How to Recognize Fraud When Looking for Remote Work?

Recent events in the world have increased not only the number of empty offices but also scammers who want to make money from dismissed employees. They offer income starting from $1000 for making simple tasks and promise a dream life. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the demand for remote work.

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Tips On How To Answer Popular Video Interview Questions

Are there embarrassing moments in your life that you replay in your head every night? How many of them are from your job interviews? Don't worry, you're not the only one who gets thrown by employers' interview questions. Hopefully, we can help you avoid it.

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How does your Body Language Speak for you?

According to statistics, only 7% of your communication consists of your words, 38% is composed of vocal elements such as intonation, and 55% is non-verbal. To put it another way, they are things such as your facial expressions, gestures, and posture.

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10 Do's and Don'ts to Efficiently passing the video questionnaire

You’re one step apart from your dream job searching for “How to impress an employer on the first interview” when suddenly it turns out you’ll have a video one. Moreover, it’s an online questionnaire, so there will be just you and a list of questions.

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8 Tips to Successfully Get Prepared for Video Interview

During the last few years, a video interview is evolving and that isn’t front-page news. More and more managers are choosing such an HR tool, especially in the context of the world pandemic.

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