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Tips On How To Answer Popular Video Interview Questions

Are there embarrassing moments in your life that you replay in your head every night? How many of them are from your job interviews? Don't worry, you're not the only one who gets thrown by employers' interview questions. Hopefully, we can help you avoid it.

According to Playhunt statistics, employers often ask a certain set of questions during video interviews. That’s why we’ve gathered all of them into a list and prepared tips on how to answer them so that you can get the job of your dreams. Read this article and find out what questions to expect during a video interview and how to prepare for them.

Tell me about your work experience🕵🏻‍♂️

Employers ask this question to find out if you are prepared enough for the role. And even if they can see this information in your resume, they prefer to ask to see if you’re able to summarize your work history.

Answering this question requires previous research. Before applying for a certain position, study the job description and look closely at the responsibilities listed. This way, you can describe your previous responsibilities and link them to the position you’re applying for.

However, it’s also important to not lie for the sake of fitting in. The truth will out if the employer checks your references or immediately after you start working.

Why did you leave your previous workplace?💼

Hiring managers prefer to ask this question because it allows them to find out a lot about you. Firstly, they can see if you left your previous job voluntarily or were made to do so. Secondly, they see what relationship you have with your previous employer. And finally, it shows them how reasonable your decision to leave was.

This question might be uncomfortable to answer, especially if you were fired. The best thing to do is to answer honestly. However, you should stay away from being negative. Don’t start a vent about your previous boss or blame yourself for mistakes you’ve made. Instead, stay positive, briefly discuss it, and move on to the next part.

Why are you looking for a job right now?🔎

When interviewers ask this question, the thing they hope to find out is what makes you want to work for them. They are willing to know your real motivation behind this application and how much effort you’ve put into this.

While answering this question, make the interviewer sure that the position you’re applying for is in line with your professional goals. Focus on positive reasons for your changing jobs. Moreover, you can emphasize on how your abilities and skills will benefit the new company.

Do you prefer working in an office or remotely?👩🏼‍💻

Of course, the main reason why employers ask this is because they want their workers to choose a place where they can be more focused and productive. While there is no correct way to answer this question, you need to pay attention to certain things.

When you choose between remote and office work, you should be able to know your skills and preferences. Remote work requires great self-organization skills and office work often doesn’t give you the possibility to concentrate in a suitable place.

Additionally, if you can’t give a full preference to either, ask about the possibility to work partially in- and outside the office.

What are your compensation expectations?💸

Being one of the most straightforward questions during an interview, it still has the reasons to be asked. Interviewers ask it to find out how well you know your worth or whether your professional level is enough for them.

To answer this question without hesitation, you’ll need to do some research. Find out the average salary of your profession for your location and your level. Once established, you can provide a range with the targeted number being close to the bottom. Also, you may include the negotiation option or leave this question for later discussion.

What do you know about our company?🤔

The reason for asking this question is that employers want to hire people that care about their company. They want to see how curious you are or even if you care enough to do the research.

Start your research by checking the company’s website and social media. Check the “About Us” section or scroll through accounts and read the posts. Besides getting the information about the company you can also see if you are going to fit their culture.

After you’ve done the research, make a list of facts and memorize them. Additionally, think of the questions you might ask the employer. They should include the information you can’t find online.

What are your strengths?💪🏼

The purpose of this question is not to hear how great you are. Yes, it’s important for employers to know if you’re a team worker or punctual, but they also want to find out how confident or critical you are.

Don’t be caught off guard and prepare beforehand. Identify your top 5 strengths and categorize them. Moreover, check if your strengths match those required for this job. You can also provide examples to back up your words. Additionally, it’s about quality, not quantity so it’s better to focus on several strengths.

Tell me about yourself🗣️

Last but not least, this question takes almost everyone by surprise. However, it’s a question that can set the tone for your conversation if you are prepared for it.

When you’re preparing for the interview, take some time to plan this answer. Explain your current role and mention your major achievements. Give a summary of your work experience and how it prepared you for this role. Moreover, don’t forget to mention your interest that might be relevant to this job. Lastly, think of something unique about your background so that the interview will stand out.


Sometimes interviews feel like first dates. One person is nervous, the other one is arrogant, and someone just doesn't show up. But most importantly, if the people sitting by both sides of the table are a perfect match, it doesn't matter if you've spilled the coffee or have spinach stuck in your teeth.

Show the best of your skills and this is what you’ll be remembered for. Later these awkward moments are forgotten but the relationship stays.