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How does the interview format affect the candidate experience?

Every bona fide company and its hiring managers concern a lot about the quality of their interviews. Even if they don't end up with a candidate's hiring, they still form the candidate experience. That, in turn, affects the reputation of the brand.

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5 Tips to Speed Up Hiring Process in Your Company

The hiring process feels like a never-ending hurdle trace, especially in this era of a constantly growing number of companies. Firstly, you strive to find the right people, which often takes up pretty much of your time.

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Join the Playhunt Game to earn rewards

Are you ready to add more interviews to your Playhunt subscription plan by completing a few simple tasks? Join in our incredible loyalty program for rewards that enrich your recruitment efforts. The Playhunt Game awaits!

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How to hire the right people? Job audition, video prescreening, and other tips

A strong leader, a great brand, a powerful business model means a lot but still not the whole thing for a successful company. The biggest and, therefore, the most challenging part is creating a team of the right people.

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How to successfully hire people using Playhunt video interviews?

Imagine the situation when your company is in the growth phase and you are about to build a huge hiring team. Is your HR department ready for this challenge? How much time, money, and resources will this process take? Remember that everything will be much more complicated during the quarantine period

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How to efficiently process a large number of CVs and find the perfect job candidate?

A company actively tries to increase the number of incoming CVs to find new decent employees. Headhunters do their best to attract the attention of candidates but at the same time, it causes a problem for recruitment managers. How can they deal with so many job applications?

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