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5 Tips to Speed Up Hiring Process in Your Company

The hiring process feels like a never-ending hurdle trace, especially in this era of a constantly growing number of companies. Firstly, you strive to find the right people, which often takes up pretty much of your time. Then, you struggle to manage all the interview stages. After that, you make great efforts in the onboarding process. Finally, that must end up in a long-term relationship, but the statistics paint a bleak picture of that.

According to glassdoor.com, US companies spend $4000 and 24 days, on average, to hire a new employee. However, if the onboarding experience fails, it could cost you twice as much time and money as you spend. What is next? The race starts again. This is the inevitable hiring circle, which rules you have to admit. Still, there is a chance to improve it – find ways to speed the process up. Here are six valuable tips on how to do that.

  1. Hire within your company

Start with letting every staff member know about an open position. Does it seem obvious to you? Then you’d better not underestimate this step as there’s always a chance that your current employees would like to change their position within the company. Such a scenario brings you plenty of advantages. First of all, it costs less, so there’s no need to spend extra hiring costs. Besides the money, think about all your saved efforts, time and energy. Besides, on a technical level, this change is also a lot easier.

  1. Make sure your job description is clear

Does this tip give you an impression of something pretty obvious? Apparently, the hiring process should start with a thorough job description. However, there’re still hundreds of managers who create a couple of slapdash sentences, post that online and wait for the best. Failing at this stage greatly complicates further rounds of communication with candidates. A more accurate job description attracts more people who truly fit the position, and therefore, the whole process takes less time.

  1. Prescreen the candidates with the help of a video survey

What is the most time- and resource-consuming part of the hiring process? Interview stages, especially first-round ones. Each wrongly selected candidate adds several hours of wasted time. The best way to avoid that is to prescreen candidates by video surveys. What it takes from your side is a couple of minutes to make up a list of questions and send them to the job seekers. In return, you get a chance to make a deeper assessment and choose only the best candidates for the face-to-face stage.

  1. Create a long-term talent pipeline

Imagine how exhausting the hiring process would be if each time you had to start from scratch. In case this is how your situation is going now, it’s time to change it. Every time you hire new staff, hold the information, so next time you need to fill a role, you have a network of possible prospective candidates. Building a talent pipeline is your long-time solution that can significantly cut down the time needed for the essential part – finding the right people.

  1. Take full advantage of social networks

Ignoring the power of social networks amounts to putting spikes in the wheels of your hiring process bike. Posting your vacancies on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn guarantees to reach a large audience. Jobvite testifes, that 93% of job seekers use social media to find the job of their dream. Even if only a couple of them fits your company, it will significantly speed up all the stages of the hiring process. Additionally, it helps in strengthening the personal brand of your company.

Wasting time during the hiring process amounts to the burning up of your money, time, resources, and potential growth of your company. Anyone who has at least once tried to hire a qualified specialist knows how long it can take to hire an employee from start to finish. At the same time, rushing while making decisions could easily lead to bad hires, which causes the same results as the previous variant. That means the main challenge of the hiring process you have to deal with is finding the golden mean and continuing to develop your business.